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 About Us


The Philippines Wood Producers Association (PWPA) is the national association of corporations, partnerships and individuals involved in forest management, logging, forest plantation development, manufacture of lumber, veneer and plywood, pulp and paper and other wood products as well as in trading, shipping and sales of these products.


  • To achieve unity of participants in the wood industry the government and business sectors can effectively interact with.

  • To promote the sustainable management of natural and plantation forests that will increase their capacity to supply the wood requirement of, and enhance their capability to provide ecological balance for, the country.

  • To advance the efficient utilization of timber into quality lumber, plywood, pulp and paper, and other wood products that are competitive in the market.

  • To service and protect the market of the wood industry against unfair trade practices.

  • To attain public appreciation for the role of wood industry in the social, economic, and environmental development of the country.
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Historical Milestones of PWPA

PWPA traces its roots from early wood-industry associations that had been formed and/or merged through the years.

1934 -

The Philippines Hardwood Manufacturers Association (PHMA) was organized to promote Philippine timber under the nomenclature of Philippine Mahogany in the world market.


1939 -

The Philippine Lumber Producers Association (PLPA) was organized to address issues affecting the domestic lumber industry.


1949 -

The PHMA and PLPA were merged, with the latter as survivor association, to work with its American counterpart in establishing the market for Philippine Mahogany logs and lumber in the U.S.


1952 -

The Plywood Manufacturers' Association of the Philippines (PMAP) was organized to put order in the domestic plywood industry and the marketing of plywood in foreign market.


1960 -

The Philippines Chamber of Wood Industries (PCWI) was organized in order to group together log producers and primary wood processors.


1972 -

PLPA and PMAP were merged and took the name Philippine Lumber and Plywood Manufacturers' Association (PLPMA)


1979 -

The Philippines Wood Producers Association was organized, through the suggestion of the government, by merging PLPMA and PCWI to attain national unity among members in the wood industry.



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 Mission & Vision


The vision-mission of PWPA is geared toward both managing the forest and developing the wood-based industry on productively sustainable basis in order to have them serve their ecological, social and economic ends.


In parnership with government and all concerned stakeholders, we shall:

  • conserve and protect the environment through the sustainable management of natural and plantation forests;

  • utilize technology and best practices for the production of high quality wood products at competitive prices;

  • promote and encourage the use of high quality wood products;

  • work for appropriate legislation and good governance to ensure the sufficiency of wood resources and enhance the competitiveness of the wood industry; and

  • contribute to the well-being of workers and communities where the wood industry operates.



A strong and dynamic organization committed to the economic and environmentally sound development of the Wood Industry in the Philippines.


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 Board of Directors & Officers


Ramon Y. Uy
Chairman of the Board

Consolidated Wood Products Inc.

Charlie H. Liu

Matimco, Inc.

Jhonny M. Young
Executive Vice President

Asia Pacific Timber & Plywood Corp./
Southwood Timber Corp.

Calvin T. David

Worldwood Trading, Corp.

Alfonso C. Keh, Jr.
Asst. Treasurer

Emco Plywood Corp.

Fernando A. Lu
Pacific Timber Export Corp.

Antonio C. Olizon
Union Plywood Corp./
TIPI Wood Products Corp.

Stanley Q. Tan
Butuan-Esperanza Veneer Corp.

Victor A. Consunji
M & S Company Inc./
Sirawai Plywood & Lumber Corp.

Robert W. Kua
Vicmar Development Corp.

Evaristo M. Narvaez Jr.

Aristeo G. Puyat
Surigao Development Corp.

Yuk Lian "Ating" Co Cascara
NJR Lumber

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Chairman of the Board Ramon Y. Uy
President Charlie H. Liu
Executive Vice President Jhonny M. Young
Treasurer Calvin T. David
Asst. Treasurer Alfonso C. Keh, Jr.
Board Secretary Maila R. Vasquez
Products Divisions:
VP - Timber Evaristo M. Narvaez Jr.
VP - Lumber and Related Products Ramon Y. Uy
VP - Plywood and Related Products Alfonso C. Keh, Jr.
VP - Particleboard and Fiberwood  
Services Divisions:
VP - Government Relations  
VP - International Relations Charlie H. Liu
VP - Membership Relations Robert W. Kua
Executive Director Maila R. Vasquez
Adviser, Forestry and Environment Jose A. Lorenzo
Manager Regino M. Serafico
System Analyst Floren A. Andres
Liaison Officer Benjamin G. Bereņa
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