PWPA traces its roots from early wood-industry associations that had been formed and/or merged through the years.

Year Highlights
1934 The Philippines Hardwood Manufacturers Association (PHMA) was organized to promote Philippine timber under the nomenclature of Philippine Mahogany in the world market.,
1939 The Philippine Lumber Producers Association (PLPA) was organized to address issues affecting the domestic lumber industry.
1949 The PHMA and PLPA were merged with the latter as survivor association to work with its American counterpart in establishing the market for Philippine Mahogany logs and lumber in the US
1952 The Plywood Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (PMAP) was organized to put order in the domestic plywood industry and the marketing of plywood in foreign market
1960 The Philippines Chamber of Wood Industries ((PCWI)) was organized in order to group together log producers and primary wood processors.
1972 PLPA and (PMAP) were merged and took the name Philippine Lumber and Plywood Manufacturers’ Association (PLPMA)