What are the Programs and Services of PWPA?

What are the Programs and Services of PWPA?

Membership Assistance

PWPA represents the interest of the members before national, autonomous and local governments and the concerned public. It extends legal, technical, and marketing assistance to its members directly or through the conduct of appropriate conferences, seminars, workshops and other fora.

International and Trade Relations

PWPA links itself to its international organization counterpart, holds and participates in activities of regional and international agencies for purposes of mutual cooperation and benefit.

It collates forestry and wood trade statistics and corresponds with ITTO and other international agencies for market information which statistics and information are seasonably shared with its members and the interested public.

Government Relations

PWPA cooperates with the government in the formulation of laws, rules and regulations, policies, plans and programs relevant to the wood-based industry.

Public Relations

PWPA undertakes environment and livelihood-enhancing activities, usually jointly with government, private or civic entities. It supports some projects of forestry professional schools, research institutions, environmental NGOs and charitable institutions.